Coffeehouse Poets: A revelation in Paris

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LeAnne Ries

The Yakima Coffeehouse Poets, a nonprofit formed in 2014 to represent the interests of poets and poetry lovers in Central Washington, is the organization behind this poetry column, which runs on the last Thursday of each month. It features inland Washington poets and their winning poems from the Yakima Coffeehouse Poets’ annual contest.

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LeAnne Ries is a poet and artist from Yakima. She has published two collections of poetry: “At Sea,” a collection of poetry on midlife; and “The Calling,” a collection of poems about being called back to Yakima after living in the San Francisco Bay Area for 20 years.

Both of her books are available at Inklings Bookshop in Yakima or at

A winner of several Yakima Coffeehouse Poets (formerly Allied Arts) awards, Ries was selected as the 2011 Labyrinth poet and was the 2013 recipient of the Tom Pier Prize. Ries was also included in “WA129, Poems Selected by Tod Marshall, State Poet Laureate, 2016-2018.” Ries is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in English. She and her husband, Gerry, have two grown sons, Ethan and Elliot, and a small dog, Sparky.


In Montmartre

I spilled a chocolate crepe

down my black coat

my mom tried to wipe it off with napkins

which left streaks of white paper

and I realized I would not

ride a bike to meet a lover by the Seine

then or ever

nor would I write a book of translations

from any language

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