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Book Scene: A trio of fiction books that'd be great for mom

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Looking for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift? Here are three books to consider:

“The Butterfly Room” by Lucinda Riley, $16.50, Blue Box Press

This is my personal No. 1 pick for this Mother’s Day!

Family. Family and all its beauty. Family and all its problems, mishaps and hurts. That is the essence of “The Butterfly Room.” The book as a whole feels like sitting down with your grandmother (or an old friend) and having her tell you her family’s story.

This particular story is about Posy. Posy at age 7 catching butterflies with her dad and oblivious to the problems between the adults in her life. It is also about Posy approaching 70, with two sons completely different from each other and with their own sets of life problems, a family home she can no longer keep up, a man she thought she would never see again, and devastating secrets.

I was confused at first with all the many characters, but once I got them straight in my head I absolutely loved this book. Posy is a charming and strong-minded woman and her sons’ storylines were, for very different reasons, engaging as well as heartbreaking.

“Could be Something Good” by Fiona West, $14.99, Tempest and Kite Publishing

Fiona West is originally from Oregon, not too far from us. Her book, “Could be Something Good,” is a small town contemporary romance story between an experienced midwife and a dyslexic medical resident. It’s a story about why age is really just a number, why family matters, and about knowing who you are.

Daniel was a delight, fun and easygoing while at the same time responsible and knowledgeable. His struggles to read are portrayed beautifully and his pursuit of Winnie is respectful and smartly written. Winnie is a great character as well, a fantastic midwife with a lot on her plate (and an overbearing mother).

“Someday My Duke Will Come” by Christina Britton, $8.99, Forever

If your mom/grandmother/wife/etc. has fallen in love with the hugely popular Netflix show “The Bridgertons,” this is a title she might enjoy.

Lady Clara is sweet and lovable, the kind of woman I would happily have as a best friend and call upon in a time of need. She’s someone you can rely on and who is always brave. Her life changed at age 15 when a rogue took her innocence. Determined to never give into temptation again, she settles into a life as caregiver for her family.

Quincy has a heart of gold. I was not prepared for the first few pages of the book and the heartbreak he goes through as a young boy. I wanted to hold him! Due to some unexpected events, they end up agreeing to a fake engagement. That fake engagement gave them a perfect opportunity to spend time together and get to know each other better. During those days, Quincy teaches Clara how to have fun and smile freely, to let go. And Clara teaches him to love and to trust.

All three books are fantastic reads, and there is a little bit in them for every mom in your life. (And if you like historical fiction, a great one for Mother’s Day is “The Last Tiara” by MJ Rose, which we reviewed not long ago.) Happy Mother’s Day!

• Anne Zastrow is a bookseller and social media specialist at Inklings Bookshop. She and other Inklings staffers review books in Thursday’s SCENE every week.