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Salt and Stone: The Ultimate BLT

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Photo by Andrea McCoy

Last week was a funny one. My kids kicked off a new school year and with it came a bumpy transition back into a “schedule.” I use the term schedule loosely because all they had to do was make it through four half-days at school and all I had to do was get everyone up on time and make dinner again. None of us made it through the week without a hiccup or two.

I planned an elaborate back-to-school dinner on the eve of the first day, but we got held up at the school open house and by the time we made it home the dinner (which I had left out) was spoiled. The next night, which happened to also be our wedding anniversary, I made a miscalculation on cooking time and the roast I put in my instant pot was chewy, dried out and completely tasteless.

Thank goodness for takeout. Thank goodness for a good-natured family.

As we rounded into the weekend, it was time to redeem myself. I sat down with our family calendar and a big stack of cookbooks and outlined two weeks of easy, quick, uncomplicated dinners.

We have soccer and basketball in the evenings and I’m sure homework, spelling and school projects in the not-too-distant future. Dinner needs to be simple and hopefully edible. Delicious would be the cherry on top.

Because we can’t live on take-out and cold cereal forever, and the beautiful heirloom tomatoes growing in my garden are ready to eat, nothing sounded better than a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. A batch of quick beer bread full of cheddar, bacon and chives makes these sandwiches so special. The bread mixes together in one bowl and takes just a few minutes to throw together. Of course, you can skip this step and use whatever bread you like. Sourdough or a pillowy loaf of French bread would both be lovely.

Once the bread is ready, you know the drill. Layer bacon, garden tomatoes, lettuce and avocado between the bread and slather it with mayonnaise. For an extra-special touch make the lemon dill mayonnaise at the bottom of the recipe. You can use it all week long, jazzing up regular turkey sandwiches.

Andrea McCoy writes the column Kitchen Captivated for Yakima Magazine and at The Salt and Stone, a home cooking blog. The Salt and Stone is a nod not just to the essence of cooking, but also to the Yakima Valley. Read more at

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