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5 Things to do This Weekend: Jan. 2, 2020


James Paullin performs with his band, NOGRAVES, at Brews and Cues in 2018. The band plays Brews again on Saturday.

Don’t know what to do this weekend? We’ve got you covered; here are this week’s top picks for entertainment in the Yakima Valley.

Jamaica Zoglman’s “Polaris” opening

6-8 p.m. Friday; Collaboration Coffee, 18 S. First St.; free;,, 509-823-4018

Ink artist Jamaica Zoglman’s work is human, above all. Much of it deals with the intersection of humanity and nature, both physically and emotionally (or, if you’ll allow it, spiritually). It’s an expression of that basic human need to seek meaning. Or, if not meaning, at least understanding. A lot of it seems playful at first glance, but closer examination reveals an artist grappling with our place in the universe. Or maybe it’s just cool pictures; I don’t know. I think you’ll like it either way.

BrainWASH, Narrow Minded, NOGRAVES, The Wolves are Closing In

You like fast metal? You like slow metal? You like hardcore punk? You like industrial-sludge-death-core-whatever? This lineup has all of that, with the main through-line being that it’s all HEAVY. There aren’t a lot of feel-good numbers or catchy ditties on tap. Of the four bands on the bill, the one I’ve listened to most is NOGRAVES, and NOGRAVES plays the sort of tar-thick metal you’d expect to hear in the break rooms in hell. But of course, you don’t get breaks down there. There are no break rooms. So instead, they play Brews and Cues. I mean that as a compliment.

“Big Hero 6”

3 p.m. Sunday; The Princess Theatre, 1228 Meade Ave. in Prosser; free;,, 509-786-2180

One of the most highly acclaimed animated films of the past decade and winner of a best animated feature Oscar, 2014’s “Big Hero 6” achieved what all family movies hope to achieve: universal appeal. Kids love it. Parents love it. Single people in their 20s or 30s love it. It’s visually incredible, it’s action-packed and it has a heart without seeming schmaltzy or silly. It’s screening for free this Sunday as part of the Princess Theatre’s Free Family Films series, which runs through May. There’s free popcorn, too.

“For the Love of Craft”

7-8 p.m. Wednesday; Hop Capital Brewing, 2920 River Road; free;,, 509-654-7357

Insider documentaries about the origins of this or that niche industry tend to bore me. (“Oh, you guys were visionaries? You had good ideas? Good for you. You’re dry as a handful of saltines on screen and just as bland, too.”) But this one looks good. Know why? The people this 25-minute short focuses on and includes interviews with are beer people, and beer people are characters. It’s an industry-produced film, a fact that has to be considered by viewers, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely sanitized. It’s not that kind of industry.

Nick Zentner’s “Recent Eruptions in the Cascades”

7-8:30 p.m. Wednesday; Kendall Hall on the Yakima Valley College campus; free;

In case it hasn’t occurred to you yet, here’s something you’re about to see a lot of: Mount St. Helens. Its famous eruption took place in May 1980, which means this is its 40th anniversary. So there’ll be remembrances, especially this spring. Central Washington University geology professor Nick Zentner, star of his own PBS show “Nick on the Rocks,” is getting in on the action early. This talk won’t solely be about St. Helens — it’ll “go into depth on other Cascade eruptions that we know about, even cinder cone eruptions when the Cascades were deep in the Ice Age” — but if you’re a natural history buff with a focus on St. Helens, it’ll get your year started right.

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