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The inner dialogue of artists

For many artists, their work will be the result of a dialogue within themselves, or with the viewer. The result artwork is a visual language they hope will communicate an idea.

For artist Monika Lemmon, her work in the exhibition currently on display in the Boxx Gallery in Tieton “illustrates an anxiety sparked by the realization that everything is connected, somehow, to the past.”

Working in encaustic, a medium of wax and pigment, she physically builds the media up in layers. Lemmon says that “layers suggest the passage of time in stacked sequences; each layer of strata corresponding to the one that came before it.”

What her work expresses is that these “connections that determine current circumstances exposes the past as a burden, a continuous chain of triggers and reactions that engulfs the individual and buries them in a chronology of determined events.”

This connection to the past, she says, determines that there is no free will. So I asked if we are connected to the past, do we not have freedom of choice? Yes, but she shares with me that “if people reflect on it, maybe even wallow in that thought for a bit, they might have a bit more compassion for other people.”

Yet for the viewer, we both agree on one thing — “everyone will have their own interpretation....depending on their past experiences, of course.”

Lemmon is from Selah. She received her BFA in metalsmithing from Central Washington University and her MFA in studio art from the University of Idaho. She lives in Denver, where she instructs drawing at Metropolitan State University.

Her background consists of working with a wide variety of media, and she is currently exploring human anatomy and landscape in both two- and three-dimensional media.

Her work can be seen at Tieton’s Boxx Gallery, located at 616 Maple St., through June 30.

• David Lynx is executive director of the Larson Gallery at Yakima Valley College. Learn more at

David Lynx is executive director of the Larson Gallery at Yakima Valley College. Learn more at

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