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The North Star has always been known as a guide, when you face it and stretch your arms out, your right hand points due east, and your left hand points due west. This star is also familiar for remaining stationary while all the stars in the sky circle around it. For artist Jamaica Zoglman, the North Star is also a guide, “There is clarity that comes from the lovely, lonely solitude of darkest night, immeasurable joy in the illumination cast by a single point of light in that darkness,” she says.

Polaris, the name of the North Star, is the name of the new exhibition of work by Zoglman at Collaboration Coffee. She is an ink artist living in Yakima with her husband, three children and assorted cats and chickens.

Zoglman tells me that she “specializes in continuous line work and pointillism, occasionally incorporating watercolor into my pieces as well, most of which depict human figures and natural elements.”

“As an artist,” she goes on to say that her “task is to reveal something of the human experience, and to me that means drawing this fundamental contradiction and connection. I often work in single unbroken lines as a way of responding to our inescapable interdependence on other living things, and I choose to depict people in direct, abrupt relationship to nature or to their own bodies. In the end, the unsettling reality that we are merely creatures is the very thing that binds us tightest to this world we love, and to one another.”

In her artist statement about this exhibition Zoglman writes, “Polaris in art and in life; I am at home in the dark. I seek out winter in its bare beauty, its deep frozen stillness, its expansive nights. Without knowing that I was asking a question, in the creation of the pieces in this collection, I encountered an answer over and over again: go north.”

She continues with how this idea of this idea of how winter is a part of who she is: “What I see and love in the ice and darkness is also beautiful in the people I meet, and in myself.”

Her exhibition, “Polaris”, opens Friday evening with a reception from 6-8 pm at Collaboration Coffee at

18 S First St. in Yakima.

David Lynx is executive director of the Larson Gallery at Yakima Valley College. Learn more at

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