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The Arts Scene: This year, shop early at Oak Hollow

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The New York Times recently published an article headlined “How the Global Supply Chain Might Ruin Christmas (And How to Adjust).” It not only discussed how delays in shipping may affect store shelves, but how presents you are shipping to others need to take this into account. The article advises to ship early.

Although there is the inevitable face palm when we start to see Christmas promoted the day after Halloween, it may be the boost we need to start shopping and shipping early.

I have made it a habit to purchase items throughout the year for Christmas presents, then store them in one place. The only problem with this is that I will find something I hid months after Christmas is over. I think I learned this from my mother, who would hand me something in July and tell me she forgot to give it to me for Christmas. So when you start buying gifts, decide on where that one storage place will be.

Often I will pick up items at arts and crafts fairs, or while I am traveling in the summer. My family members have always chosen hand-made and original gifts rather than purchasing items from a retail store. Instead of buying large works of art, I usually choose something small to mid-size.

One of the places to purchase artwork this year is at Oak Hollow Custom Framing and Gallery in Yakima — and the exhibit is already on display. This year, Rosie Saldana asked several artists for artwork for the holiday show.

Artists include Betsy Bloomfield, H.R. Emi, Jo Anne Carlson, Jay Carskadden, Jamaica Zoglman, Cindy Lemus, Saldana, Carlos Prado, Laura Wise, Amanda Ontiveros, Brian Holtzinger, Christie Tirado, Victoria Urrutia, Michelle Wyles, John Kane, Laura Siebol, Leanna Zeibak, Janice La Verne Baker and me.

You will find a variety of media, including two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. In addition to the selected holiday show artists, Oak Hollow has other works of art, including ceramics by Bernadette Crider.

So this year the advice is to shop early and ship early. The 2021 holiday show is on until Jan. 7.

• David Lynx is executive director of the Larson Gallery at Yakima Valley College. He writes this weekly column for SCENE. Learn more at

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