The Arts Scene: Hudon's paintings are a reflection of mood and environment

As an outcome of the association with Yakima Valley College, the Larson Gallery follows the school schedule. So, as the fall weather moves in and students start back to school, a new season of exhibits begins. Those exhibits not only begin anew at the Larson, but in satellite galleries as well.

Recently at The Seasons Performance Hall, autumn began with the launch of artwork by Susan Hahn. At the Larson Gallery, the new “Sense of Place” exhibit opened with more than 100 guests at the opening reception.

Now at the Cellar Gallery, which is part of Gilbert Cellars and just downstairs from the tasting room, a new exhibit by artist Cecelia Hudon will open with a special reception tonight.

Hudon has been interested in art as long as she could remember. “I learned how to draw before I learned how to read,” she says, “I was pre-K when my mom noticed I started drawing in my coloring books. Because she is an artist herself, it was at that point that she encouraged me by purchasing larger coloring and doodle books. That went on to her allowing me to draw murals on my bedroom walls in my teen years.”

She moved from drawing to painting in her late teens, beginning with acrylic, then working in oil. Entirely self-taught, she is “always interested in learning new techniques.”

Her most recent work is reminiscent of evening skies and clouds. But it is music that she is influenced by and how it makes her feel at that very moment she begins each piece. Her paintings are a reflection of her mood and environment.

Hudon told me that her art “is a reflection of who I am and my journey through this beautiful life. Every single piece has a story behind it. Each piece is very personal. My hope is to connect my audience to my work by allowing them to reflect on it and create their own meaning. Everyone sees something different in my abstract pieces.”

Although her work will remain on display at Gilbert Cellars until November, the public is welcome to a special reception 5-8 p.m. tonight to meet the artist. She will share her process and inspiration in an introduction at 6 p.m.

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