Yakima Symphony Orchestra ticket envelopes: Did you get one in your mailbox?

Bright green envelopes have been showing up in hundreds of mailboxes across the Yakima Valley these past couple of weeks. The fresh, happy color signals a new beginning, in this case the Yakima Symphony Orchestra’s Rosemary A.C. Gottlieb 2019-20 Season: One Thousand and One Nights.

Inside the envelopes are subscription tickets to the six-concert Yakima Valley Classical Series, five-concert Gilbert Orchards Pops Series, or in most cases all 11 concerts for the season.

There is nothing quite like receiving tickets in the mail to a future live performance. Without saying a word, these small bits of paper represent future delight, shared experiences, fun and memory-making. You can put them on your bulletin board, refrigerator or wall calendar in visual anticipation. You can touch them and think about where you will sit in the theater and with whom. They will fit easily into your wallet or purse and wait patiently for the night you will take them out at the concert.

And after the concert? You have a paper memento.

People have been saving ticket stubs since tickets were first printed. After the performance, they are an instant memory-prompter in a way few other items can approach. People put them into special ticket books and scrapbooks, create ticket art or just pile them into a shoebox (never to be discarded, of course). Even now, in the age of digital tickets, ticket stub collectors will print the digital copies and keep them to remind them of their experiences.

Live performance is special. It cannot be streamed or paused or rewound or played again or played on demand. The ticket is the key, opening a door to what can occur only once. During the performance, we live within it and are part of it. Afterward, it has become a part of us.

While it cannot re-create a live performance, a ticket stub can still prompt a memory. Looking at it, touching it and seeing the title and guest artist can open treasured recollections. Indeed, over time, the stubs become a trip down memory lane.

YSO subscription tickets will be on sale into December. Tickets to the 11 individual concerts recently went on sale. The memories are there for anticipating, making, and then for revisiting again and again. We’ll see you at the symphony!

• This column was written by the Yakima Symphony Orchestra staff. Learn more at www.ysomusic.org.

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