Hollywood liberals are vilifying and attacking NRA members nonstop, and it’s time to let you know exactly who we are. I was a Hollywood liberal. No, I wasn’t as famous as you, but I lived with you for 14 years. I assisted you and I was on set with you and I was on stage with you. I voted with you. I shopped with you, I ate with you and I sat in traffic with you. I am the NRA.

I am an NRA Life Member. But who am I specifically? I’m the guy who has adopted eight animals from four different animal charities. I’m the guy who has volunteered at multiple nonprofits. I am the man who coached high school sports for four years. I am the guy who holds the door open for you when your hands are full. I’m the guy who helps you carry something heavy up the stairs. I have won first-place trophies and I have fallen short. I was a liberal and now I’m a conservative. I’m a writer, I’m a songwriter, I’m an actor and I’m a social media strategist. I am the guy who respects your First Amendment rights. I’m the guy who would risk his life to save your life. So yes I am the NRA.

And we are the NRA. But who are we really? We deliver your mail, we deliver your pizza and we deliver your babies. We follow you on Twitter and we follow your career. We serve in the military, we serve in Congress, we serve you dinner and we serve aces. We run businesses, we run for political office and we run races. We police your streets, we pave your streets and we sweep your streets. We help you get well and we help your children learn. We defend you in court and we defend your right to speak against us. We prepare your taxes and we prepare your food. We perform for you and we perform for charities. We carry guns, we carry bibles and we carry our children.

We are mothers and we are fathers. We come in all shapes and sizes. We are men, we are women, we are straight and we are gay, we are all religions and we are all races.

We are among the most patriotic Americans you will ever meet. We fight everyday to defend the Constitution and our right to self defense. We have the RIGHT to keep and bear arms. We have the RIGHT to free speech. We love our families, we love our animals and we love our country. If you need us we will help you but we won’t be silenced and we won’t be bullied. We are tough and we are strong and we are in this fight for life. We are America. We are the members of the National Rifle Association and our numbers are growing.


* Ryan Moore is a writer, songwriter and social media strategist who lives in Yakima.