I saw someone tell a man today online that he was worthless, all because he didn’t feel he should have to wear a mask. How dehumanizing is that? I read a letter written by a cop who had been told by protesters to put his gun in his mouth and pull the trigger. I see people called sheep because they choose to wear a mask and keep a distance.

I watched a video of a woman ranting because she wore a mask but wasn’t a fan of it, but she went on to judge every person in the store by what they had in their cart. Careful, if you’re not eating kale and spinach, that lady thinks you are the worst.

Can someone tell me when we decided that others weren’t humans? I guess I’m feeling lost, as it literally feels like a fad to hate. Hate anyone who doesn’t think like you. It’s not just race anymore. I can hate you for your job, for your politics, for the type of food you’re feeding your family. It’s just gone too far.

While I’m a definite believer in speaking your mind, there’s also a thing called being mindful of what you speak. Words spoken have as much power as words written.

My point with all that: Police lives matter, Black lives matter, Democrat lives matter, Republican lives matter. Don’t let anyone say you’re less than human. And that is something we should all be speaking up for.

Change. Make a change. Be the change. But have you heard the saying, “If you keep doing the same thing, you can’t expect change to happen”?

I can tell you I’ve been to countless meetings, City Council meetings, county meetings, planning and zoning, street engineering, and on and on. I am a former journalist. These meetings most frequently didn’t have one citizen sitting in. Not one. It was a lot of times just myself.

I would get the frequent person in my office as a journalist, finger in my face, “You need to do something about this!” And countless times I thought to myself, I have the same power that any other person does. You all have the power. I know that’s a strange concept, but everyone has the power to make a records request, everyone has the power to go to meetings, everyone has the power to get involved.

Have you written to your legislator? I have, even off the clock as a reporter. Have you lobbied at your capitol? I have, again off the clock as a reporter. Have you reached out to representatives of your local officials? I definitely have. Do you even know who your elected officials are? Please, if you don’t know, start there.

When you hear someone say vote for change, I’d like to alter that: to write, lobby, speak at functions, write a letter to the editor. Be the change.

Bonnie Davidson lives in Yakima.