The question today is “Should the use of Native American mascots be banned?” Yes, it should be banned.

Some believe that it shouldn’t be banned because it’s a symbol of honor, and others believe it should be banned because of how it affects people’s emotions. The reason I believe it should be banned is because it’s a racial image toward Native Americans.

The word “redskin” is a contemptuous term used to refer to a North American Indian, but also comes off offensive. Native Americans are the only ones with a mascot to represent their culture; others use a symbol that does not represent their culture. I think it’s wrong that only one culture has its mascot represented either for sports team logos or in advertising, and not others such as Hispanics and Asians.

If you ever go to a “Redskins” football game and see everyone walking into the stadium with pig noses and the traditional headpieces, most people would think that it is disrespectful and making fun of Native Americans. It is shown as a sign of disrespect because it brings the Native Americans back to the time when they lived with hardships and sacrifices.

In the article “A Redskin is the scalped head of a Native American, sold, like a pelt for cash,” it states that the word “redskins” is the single most offensive word to ever call a Native American.

It cuts deep into ancient wounds that never have been healed. In the same article, it states that the word “redskins” is “not just a twisted compliment, it represents a trophy of war.”

The Redskins aren’t the only team with an offensive mascot; the Tuskahoma Elementary School in Oklahoma are “Savages.” I think that these points should be noticed for those who find this mascot offensive. They should be aware that there are supporters, and that there are people who want to make a change to it.

Also, it should be noticed because it’s not fair to the other cultures that don’t have mascots to represent them, and to have only the Native Americans getting recognized is disrespectful.

• Jessi Gillum lives in White Swan