Mandy Ketcham begins to rappel down the side of the Liberty Building on Saturday during the Over the Edge For Wellness House fundraiser in downtown Yakima.

This Saturday, you could help out a good cause just by hanging around downtown.

It’s the second installment of “Over the Edge Yakima,” a not-for-the-faint-of-heart fundraiser for Wellness House, which offers support and comfort to people facing life-threatening illnesses.

Just two catches:

  1. You’ll need to get $1,000 worth of pledges to take part. You can also join or start a four-person team if each member can promise $750 each in pledges.
  2. Maybe we should’ve mentioned this to begin with, but this activity involves dangling from a rope and making your way down the side of the four-story Liberty Building downtown. That doesn’t make you nervous or anything, does it?

Over the Edge Yakima took its first plunge — sorry, let’s rephrase that — got started in 2019. Forty people signed up that year, though the event was a scratch last year because of the pandemic. Hopes are high for a strong turnout again this year.

The Liberty Building, 32 N. Third St., makes an ideal staging spot. The 90-year-old concrete building is a downtown landmark — tall enough to be a thrilling rappelling challenge, but short enough that even rank amateurs should be able to conquer it. Over the Edge pros will offer steady guidance and make sure everyone’s using their equipment properly.

On the other hand, while four stories might sound tame from the comfort of your easy chair, it’s quite another as you peer over the edge and down to the pavement below. But don’t worry — you’ll be fine. Really.

Acrophobia aside, it’s great to see events like this succeed. Groups such as Wellness House provide invaluable services to Yakima Valley residents, and we all benefit from their work.

But the harsh reality is that — as much good as they do — they can’t do any of it without the community’s support. In times like we’ve been experiencing lately, it’s tougher than ever for these organizations to come up with the funding they need.

We’re continually impressed by the creativity and enthusiasm so many of them exhibit as they look for new ways to keep the money coming in. Nonprofits up and down the Valley have come up with some of the most enjoyable, far-fetched and family-friendly ideas you’ll find in the region.

But you have to admit that an event like Over the Edge certainly sets the bar high.