To the editor — As a parent, I believe all kids deserve the health care that allows them to live their lives in the best of health. Congress and the White House need to protect kids by protecting Medicaid.

Ten years ago, Washington passed the Cover All Kids law creating Apple Health for kids. Now 39 out of 40 kids in Washington are covered, more than ever before. This has been important to all kids and especially to my family.

My daughter would not be able to get the medicine and care she needs to be healthy. She has asthma, and depends on daily inhalers and other medicine that are expensive to be successful in school.

My daughter has a passion for music, band, and wishes to go to college. With medical coverage, and the proper medicine she will be able to continue a productive future. Proposals to repeal the Affordable Care Act and cut funding for Medicaid will be a threat to many Washington kids — and my daughter.