To the editor — How did this #MeToo movement come about? How many so-called followers are there? Were they all victims or just looking for money, name in paper, etc.? If it did not happen to you, then you are not a #MeToo.

This is nothing new. Read Genesis, Chapter 39. About 1700 B.C., there was a victim. His name was Joseph. Joseph was sold into slavery to the Ishmaelites. Potiphar was an Egyptian who was an officer of Pharaoh. Joseph was made overseer of Potiphar’s house and all that Potiphar had. Potiphar’s wife tried to entice Joseph to “lie with her” and commit adultery. Joseph refused. She then lied and Potiphar put Joseph in prison.

I don’t know what happened to her, but Joseph eventually became second in command of all of Egypt. He was second only to Pharaoh.

Who is the victim? Who is the one that is lying? You tell me.

Be careful of who you falsely accuse. You might be OK in this world but may have a problem in the world to come.