Crime scene tape generic

To the editor — Recent knife attacks and the escalating violence in Yakima concern me. Murders in the 1800 block of East Yakima Avenue and surrounding areas are unfortunately common and should not be tolerated. But when violence escalates to Macy’s department store, which is shopped by hundreds of law-abiding citizens, it’s time to demand that the violence ends!

Where were the security guards to break up this impending fight? Are the guards not taught to identify thugs when they enter the store? My daughter and I shop at Macy's frequently and have even used the restrooms, which are totally isolated from the rest of the store. We never thought that there was a possibility we’d witness or be a victim of a murder while shopping!

Gang violence, particularly, remains a considerable blight on the city of Yakima. If we want to showcase our wine, our microbreweries, our good weather and agriculture, we must first eradicate the noxious poison of gangs. Until we do, Yakima will continue to have the reputation of a gang destination.