June 3 BLM

Scarlet Mayer, 8, center, holds an Etch A Sketch that reads “Black Lives Matter” during a solidarity demonstration Wednesday, June 3, 2020, in downtown Yakima, Wash.

To the editor — Critical race theory is Western-Marxist racism weaponized. Our representative republic has two historic governing principles. Tories expected authoritarian provision of solutions. Patriots demanded individual responsibility and assumed government is properly limited. Aristocracy oversees people, balanced by Revolution (1776), “We the deplorable.”

Every child rapidly learns to trust family and shy away from the “other.” The more easily identified as “other” the more easily separated by primate instinct, not learned behavior.

Progressives (Tories) champion authoritarian government. They avow the “other” improperly embraces individual freedoms; identity groups are exploited firmly, establishing elites’ dominance. Notably, Democrat advocates went to Civil War defending slavery, implemented Jim Crow (enforcing segregation), launched the KKK, defend rioting by BLM and Antifa and emphasize regulatory control.

Autocratic elites scream “systemic racism” hunting the tyranny of the proletariat especially promoting “woke” cancel culture to reduce free thinking. Those demanding government solutions easily reduce God-given freedoms by inflating elite authoritarian rule as sacrosanct.

Traditional American (Patriots) trust individuals’ freedom. Therefore, slavery is unforgivable and excessive regulation is unwarranted government destruction of opportunities. To establish these principles, 360,222 Union soldiers died with President Lincoln.