To the editor — Did you know that 1 out of every 670 Americans has died of COVID-19? Not only affecting death rate, this virus has affected our country at a drastic measure.

As of March 2020, nothing has been the same. Schools shut down, only thinking it would be a two-week break. Students celebrated no school, not knowing what was soon to follow. People quarantined, which caused an uprising of depression rates and suicide rates. Students started working online. Straight A students were struggling with grades. Tons of students struggled with even attending online school. Jobs were lost; parents struggled to put food on their family’s plates.

As a nation, we were not prepared for this pandemic. Locally, COVID numbers in Yakima County have dropped, putting us into Phase 3, which is more than a whole year after the shutdown. A year can do a lot to people and to a nation. Will we ever be back to normal?