Jefferson Memorial 3

FILE — The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is seen in this general view. Monday, March 11, 2019, in Washington D.C.

To the editor — Religion should not be weaponized in political discourse. Nor should anyone assume that Democrats are not devout Christians. Our Founding Fathers may have been Christian, but they were also products of the Age of Reason. When we base our society on principles that cannot be challenged, where the word of God is the be-all end-all, we risk making policy decisions not on rationality, but on dogma.

Judeo-Christian values are undoubtedly important to Western civilization, especially the concept of free will. But it is our job as free women to make decisions based on legitimate science and sound logic.

Whether the best mode of government is rule by the many or the few is a constant tug of war in our political system, but seriously, theocracy and kings operating under the pretense of divine reason fell into disfavor long before 1776.

I went to church every Sunday, I am a confirmed Lutheran and I studied at a religious divinity school. Personally, I can't support a president who separates parents from children or demonizes Muslim congresswomen. Yet, I can make my arguments without resorting to "holier than thou" religious reasoning. Political parties should do the same.