To the editor — Hitler's big lie after World War I was Germany lost because the Jews sabotaged their war effort. Why would Germans believe that without proof? Joseph Goebbels — Hitler's propagandist said, “If you tell a lie enough and keep repeating it, people will come to believe it.”

It's worrisome hearing another big lie by someone lusting for power saying without proof over and over there was election fraud. Many knowing better won't say there wasn't, fearing they'll lose the next primary election. A Ipsos/Reuters poll shows 53% of Republicans believe President Biden lost. The 47%, Dan Newhouse, Jaime Herrera Beutler and Liz Cheney have placed constitutional values above political gain.

The big lie has led several states to give up on the idea everyone has a right to be heard and passed laws making it harder to vote. Some states have even given politicians in the Legislature power to overrule honest election administrators.

It's time to pass federal protection of elections and voting rights. Without federal legislation, the next presidential election could be a disaster as state politicians could overturn a majority vote. In states where the vote is close, the Electoral College is an open invitation for shenanigans.