Rescues by chopper, front loader as flood hits northwest US

A young boy plays in a street flooded by overflowing Issaquah Creek in Issaquah, Wash., as heavy rains pound the area Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020. (AP Photo/Martha Bellisle)

To the editor — Thank you, Yakima County for my assessment breakdown. Because I finally replaced a balky furnace, the value of my house improved ... so now with an increase in taxes of $506, the break-even on the cost of a new furnace related to a drop in the cost of utilities is now two years longer.

Of course I should be happy the stormwater assessment is so low; only $75; Seattle and Tacoma must be paying $7,500 because it rains every day and stormwater is a way of life instead of a rare occurrence like here. What’s that? Everybody pays the same, regardless of rainfall? How is that fair?