In escalating trade war, US consumers may see higher prices

President Donald Trump speaks to the media Sunday, Sept. 1, 2019, as he returns to the White House from Camp David.

To the editor — This is in response to John Dibari’s Sept. 1 letter regarding President Donald Trump,"How can evangelical Christians support a liar like Trump?"

First of all, President Trump has never stated he is a Christian. Second of all, I am a Christian, not a hypocrite, and I do support our president. Do I like or agree with everything that comes out of his mouth? Absolutely not!

But I support him because of two issues that are extremely important to this country: President Trump supports Israel and is against abortion – two very important fundamental Christian principles that are found in the Bible.

Democrats do not support either issue. They don’t understand the importance of America’s continued support of Israel and the need to stop murdering innocent babies. Let’s add that they do support Socialism, and let’s not forget no planes, cars, or cows. So if this is what some people want to support, that confuses me.

I will always choose life over murder.