To the editor -- Donald J. Trump often stretches the truth. However, he doesn't hold a candle to Democrats, such as Adam Schiff, who continually lie in their attempts to remove our duly elected president. Schiff is joined by other prominent Democrats in his prevarication and removal attempts. Their lies are grotesque in nature, but they are also costing tens of millions of taxpayer dollars in legal and investigative costs, only to prove that Trump has not committed any impeachable offenses, though he has certainly done some borderline things. In addition, these conscienceless "investigations" have destroyed the lives of good people and suborned the character of many others.

In their disarray and hatred of Trump, the leaders of the Democratic Party are dividing and destroying the premises on which our country has been governed. Their behavior and hatred for all things Trump is irrational. A body that should lead and provide positive examples continually has prompted nothing but divisiveness and disrespect.

Trump can be legally removed. The presidential election is this year. Vote him out if that is the nation's wish. The Democrats can't even find a viable candidate. Maybe that's why they are trying nefarious means.