To the editor — Poor Donald Trump is always being picked on just because he lies like a rug. I could list 100 major lies, but there is not room in this letter.

Trump goes after people who reveal his lies. He lied about what happened in his call with Ukraine, trying to get dirt on Biden’s son. His lies got rid of a decorated Army officer, State Department personnel and an ambassador who told the truth.

Trump has always lied about the popular vote, the big lie. When his chief of Homeland Security said our 2020 election was the most secure in history, Trump fired him. When his attorney general said there was no large-scale fraud, Trump had him resign. Trump told his followers over and over that he won in a landslide, but he has no legitimate evidence, as his record in numerous court cases in several states and the Supreme Court disputing the election results attest to.

The real problem is that the people who believe these lies don’t care that Trump doesn’t have a relationship with the truth. Unfortunately, many people, including 43 Republican senators, know Trump lied about the election but want his base to support them.