Trump Endangered Species

FILE — In this May 13, 2019, photo provided by the National Park Service is a female condor in Zion National Park, Utah. Seven environmental and animal protection groups have filed the first lawsuit challenging the Trump administration's recent rollbacks to the Endangered Species Act. Their lawsuit filed Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2019, in federal court in San Francisco comes after the federal government announced last week it was rescinding some protections for wildlife.

To the editor — The Trump administration is killing off the Endangered Species Act. The whole point of the ESA is that mere profit isn’t sufficient justification to eradicate a species; we have an obligation to take care of at-risk critters and the ecosystems they live in. It works.

Trump flips this on its head and says profits rule. Changes are for “transparency.” Trump transparency? Like releasing tax returns, disclosing dealings with foreign governments seeking favor, or revealing the secret meetings to give away public lands to his corporate buddies doing oil fracking, gas and coal and development?

Corporations win, but it means no more public access for hunting or birding or protecting sacred Native American sacred. No more critters, either. Bye, endangered Key deer, wolves and grizzlies.

Removing “pesky” regulations means a green light to pollute and poison (critters and us too).

This is a war to strip protections, ignore human actions that kill off critters, and open up extraction activities.

U.S. Rep. Don Newhouse has signed on, challenging wolf protections and re-introduction of grizzlies to the North Cascades — not based on science, but to please ranchers and to kowtow to Trump.

What to do? Resist, sue and vote out Newhouse.