To the editor — Republican family values” is an oxymoron. Sure, President Trump has family values, “crime family values.” Our poor president is on a fixed income: he fixed things so he could make millions off the presidency. When Republicans aren’t in lockstep with the president, he unleashes the hounds; ergo, Mitt Romney, the lone Republican with a conscience. Bill Clinton was impeached for a lie (and apologized). Trump has committed over 16,000 lies since elected, per fact-checkers. And his crimes affect National security and our allies’ respect.

Because of Trump, we’ve traded Jim Crow for inhumane immigration practices at the border. He calls immigrants “animals,” “invaders,” who “infest” our country on advice from his white supremacist cohort Stephen Miller. He’s doubling down on the hate, bigotry and far-right extremism that won him victory in 2016. He’s planning crueler assaults on Latinos, Muslims, people of color, asylum seekers, refugees, poor people (cutting food stamps) and children packed into filthy, overcrowded prisons at the border.

In the next election, I predict the diving line will be between patriotism, integrity with Democrats, and perjury, deceitfulness and anarchy with Republicans. Please depend on honest networks like CNN, MSNBC, and C-Span; not Fox, Trump’s ministry of propaganda.