To the editor — Battlefields and golf courses are necessarily strafed by expletives capable of topping a sequoia 1,000 yards out. During his eight-year post in the Oval Office, Dwight Eisenhower never once mustered any of them, on the record.

With the fog of elections clearing, pundits urge a pilgrimage by us survivors seeking forgiveness and reconciliation. This would require the use of "words."

Take the self-styled evangelicals -- please. For five years, they packed rallies, hanging on and approving his every wheeze, sprinkling his version of faith and prayers upon our shoulders.

So, as I stand mouthing verse two of "Kumbaya," they sail around spewing riffs about my ugly mom? I mean, their soles are not firmly planted upon the surface of this planet.

I followed an NBA star who was a smack master. Trash talk baits courts, playgrounds, street corners, man caves, end of the local bar and, apparently, their pews. Not in America's White House. These pilgrims are enraptured by a wannabe acolyte of the Gary Peyton Institute and Seminary of Up Yours.

Tell it like he says it is? Nah. I pass. My ballot provides more than enough for my amazing grace. See ya at the ballot box.


Nile Valley