To the editor — An even more radical understanding of the relationship of the gospel to black people is found in the concept of freedom. We have seen that freedom stands at the center of the black man’s yearning in America. “Freedom Now” has been and still is the echoing slogan of all civil rights groups. The same concept of freedom is presently expressed among black people advocates by such phrases as “self-determination” and “self-identify.”

What is the freedom for which blacks have marched, picketed and rebelled in order to achieve? Simply stated, freedom is not doing what I will, but becoming what I should. A man is free when he sees clearly the fulfillment of his being and is thus capable of making the envisioned self a realty. This is “Black Freedom!” We want the grip of oppression removed. That is what black people have in mind when we cry “Freedom Now!” now and forever.

Freedom is indeed what distinguishes man from animals and plants. “In the case of animals and plants nature not only appoints the destiny but it alone carries it out… In the case of man however, nature provides only the destiny and leaves it to him to carry it out.” Freedom means black people carrying out their own destiny.