Sailors Tracy Edwards and Mikaela Von Koskull in a scene from the documentary film "Maiden."

To the editor — It’s Saturday evening; the free showing of the movie "Maiden" was this morning.  It was heartwarming to see such a large turnout on a holiday weekend.  

Many people contributed their time and efforts to make that happen and I want to publicly thank and acknowledge them. First, and foremost, Yakima Theaters, which held "Maiden" over so it could be shown today, and the Yakima Herald-Republic for a story that caught attention and inspired people to come. It also wouldn’t have been possible without assistance from wonderful people at the following organizations who got the word out to their staffs, members, students, and social media followers: Heritage University, Junior League, La Casa Hogar, La Salle High School, Perry Trade, Rod’s House, Yakima County 4-H, Yakima Music en Accion, Yakima Pride Foundation, Yakima School District, Yoga Collective of Yakima, YMCA, YSO Youth Symphony, YVOIC and the YWCA.  I will be eternally grateful to all of you.

Anyone interested in Maiden’s current voyage around the world to raise awareness of, and funding for, the education of young women will find information at