Walmart Shooting

FILE — In this Aug. 3, 2019, file photo Walmart employees react after an active shooter opened fire at the store in El Paso, Texas. Days after the mass shooting, the nation’s largest retailer is faced with how to make their workers and customers feel safe.

To the editor — I just want to say a few words about cowards, the terrorists, Nazi-lovers, school shooters and gangbangers who somehow think it’s brave or noble to shoot unsuspecting people who can’t defend themselves – women and children, going about their lives, not thinking about dying.

Gangbangers shoot at people and houses from the windows of a passing car, then speed away. Cowards!

In the news, a shooting Saturday in El Paso, Texas, left 22 dead. The weapon, an assault rifle. Another 9 were shot and killed later that day in Dayton, Ohio. The weapon? Another semiautomatic rifle.

When are we going to outlaw these weapons? When will our lawmakers stand up to the NRA? Cowards!