To the editor — Homelessness has begun to be a problem in Yakima, which has pressured the city to come up with new solutions. Concerns have arisen due to the mess left behind by the homeless — for example food, needles and other trash. House bill 1406 has been estimated to bring $140,000 each year for affordable housing. But there is one solution that would not only save the city money but in return help many families that are homeless. There is a company called ALL3DP that build's affordable housing using a 3D Printing process that uses less material and leaves a quality finish. Each house costs around $10,000 but the Model "Icon" only costs around $4,000 which mean's the city can build 35 Homes for $140,000.

It would be best for the city to contact ALL3DP in order to make arrangement's before March in order to schedule construction as soon as funds arrive. In the end its not only about helping the homeless but helping our great community.