To the editor — I’ve been practicing law in the Yakima Valley more than half my life. My cases are big and small, from traffic tickets in Toppenish to sitting at counsel table before the U.S. Supreme Court in the other Washington.

Most of the time I represent farmers. I’ve argued in courtrooms across the state about ag chemicals, boundary lines and irrigation. I’ve helped farmers strike down unlawful state taxation, I’ve successfully defended against frivolous cases brought by federal agencies, and I’ve gone before the 9th Circuit and state Supreme Court arguing for farmers’ due process rights under the 14th Amendment.

I’ve seen all kinds of judges, and I can promise you this: You’ll find none better than Elisabeth Tutsch. She is fiercely independent and has unshakable principles. She has a brilliant legal mind and is always prepared. She is unfailingly courteous and professional and treats all who come into her courtroom the same, whether you’re a lawyer in fancy clothes or you’re representing yourself in boots and blue jeans. She also happens to be an amazing mom who is dedicated to making Yakima a wonderful place to raise a family. She’s earned my vote, and I encourage you to support her too.