To the editor — Congratulations to the Yakima Herald and the Yakima League of Women Voters for the virtual debate held last Thursday between the two candidates for Board of Yakima County Commissioners, District 1. One of the few positives from the pandemic is the ability for us experience a live debate from the comfort of our own homes. Debate moderator Greg Halling of the Herald-Republic asked relevant questions of the candidates in a fair debate format.

In light of Norm Childress' untimely passing, there have been letters to the editor suggesting that the 10 months on the job since Vicki Baker was appointed gives her an advantage over challenger Amanda McKinney. Rather than rely on letters to the editor, I would urge voters to go to the League's Facebook page, watch the debate and make up their own minds about who has a better grasp of the issues and who will do a better job as a county commissioner. The debate will also be rerun on Y-PAC.

I support Amanda McKinney. I believe that her vision, leadership, responsiveness and energy make her the best candidate for the future of Yakima County.