To the editor — Early on the morning of Dec. 27, 2019, a car was speeding up Yakima Avenue and smashed into a parked SUV, sending the speeding car into the front yard of the SUV owner. The car then careened across the street destroying other cars. It eventually hit a power pole and came to a stop in the middle of Yakima Avenue, upside down, bent like a boomerang and on fire. My wife, Sally, and I have seen pictures, and we can say that it was barely recognizable as a car.

The crash occurred right outside Doug Federspiel's home. He rushed outside and was the first on the scene. He discovered a badly injured man still inside the burning car. Putting himself at risk, he pried open a door and pulled the driver to safety. Police, firefighters and an ambulance arrived shortly after. The fire was extinguished, and the driver was taken to the hospital.

We have known Federspiel for several years and we have seen him put others first, before himself, time and time again. Doug is a godly man, a good husband and great father. We are lucky to have such a fine man as a judge.

We urge everyone to vote to retain Judge Doug Federspiel on the Yakima County Superior Court.