FILE — A voter puts a ballot in a Yakima County election drop box Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019, on East Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Yakima, Wash.

To the editor — A plea to Herald-Republic readers: If you have children or grandchildren ages 18 to 35, you can safely assume (1) they are not reading this; they get their “news” from other sources, and (2) they might not vote this November – not because they don’t care about social equity, income equality, a livable planet, and the value of affordable education. They do care. Desperately. Just ask them.

But they might not vote, because they think the game is already lost or no longer matters. Republicans and Democrats … those are just two sides of a game that, like checkers, few ever play now. “Politics” may be life or death to some in this season of tropically cascading crises. But to them? Meh. Another reality TV show they are choosing not to watch. But the social, economic, viral and ecological crises will churn on and on, swallowing up their promising lives, unless ...

Please convince your younger friends and family that voting does matter. Get them to register. Encourage them to return ballots early. The best way to change a damaged system is from the inside, not by throwing rocks, setting fires and shooting lasers from the outside.