To the editor — Your March 8 edition carried a guest opinion that tries to make a case for subsidizing the “state and local tax” burden of low-income workers. The author claims that the Washington tax code is unfair, disproportionately to the low-income folks.

We are senior citizens who would be required to absorb those “low income” taxes, and we strenuously oppose the whole notion.

I can easily identify eight tax groups that we already pay to the state, county, cities and utilities. Three of those are substantial; sales, gas and real estate. We already pay; we are not magically exempt somehow. We cannot afford to pick up the tab for anyone else.

And, let’s consider the whole tax situation which includes federal taxes. We are already subsidizing about 50% of the population through our income tax. Those who pay little or no income tax are already being subsidized. No more subsidies, please.