To the editor — What is happening in Selah? All of a sudden, a law-abiding, and quiet community is now divided and rebellious.

I lay it at the feet of the mayor and City Administrator Don Wayman. Wayman confronting Yakima City Councilwoman Holly Cousens at the Selah Black Lives Matter march was inappropriate. His comments were off the wall and his manner aggressive. Being there in a city car and obviously in the role of a city employee, he was rude and voiced his personal political views. The City Council attempted to respond to public outcry in a special session to discuss possible disciplinarian action with Wayman in attendance. The outcome was no action on Wayman and the mayor expressing her complete support of his action. Not even an apology from Wayman to Cousens or the people of Selah.

His characterizing of people disagreeing with him as low intellect and neo-Marxists was insulting. On top of that, I walked into one of Mayor Raymond's businesses on Friday night finding 20 to 25 people there, eating at tables and not practicing social distancing in defiance of the mandatory masking order. Of all people, the mayor should lead the community in helping stop COVID-19. What the heck!