To the editor — Rob Case works at Larson, Berg, & Perkins and is also the city attorney for Selah. During a recent Selah town hall, hosted by Mayor Sherry Raymond, Case answered a question relating to the enforcement of the statewide mask mandate. Case chose to refer to COVID-19 as the "Wuhan virus" when making his statement. Referring to COVID-19 in this manner is unnecessary, dangerous, and considered by many to be racist.

Case works in both Yakima and Selah and is undoubtedly aware of the multiple instances involving Yakima County residents of Asian descent being targeted and harassed for a perceived connection to COVID-19. This perceived connection is reinforced by the phrase "Wuhan virus." Statements using language considered by many to be racist have a direct impact on the likelihood of continued attacks on innocent Yakima County residents and are unacceptable.

I would question any organization's culture and values that choose to allow their employees to make remarks considered by many to be racist and that put residents in danger. Case knew what he was saying and the implications of his word choice. He should issue an apology and be removed from his position in Selah immediately.