To the editor — Donald J. Trump: the gift who keeps on giving. The Republicans of the House and Senate have had two chances now to correct their abandonment of traditional conservative values and put Trump in the rearview mirror. And to move forward and honor their oath of office.

But through their cowardly devotion to this pathological liar, narcissist and criminal element, they've left our democracy vulnerable to violent insurrection. All due to their fear of Trump's criticism.

He is no longer president. Get over it. He should be ignored. God knows he's earned it. Remember: Trump is the "law and order" president who lit the match for the violent Capitol insurrection of Jan. 6.

Just listen to the Capitol police officers who were there that day. Trump has had ample time now to show us time and again who and what he really is. Support him further, and you will get what you deserve: chaos.