To the editor — Republican politicians are hypocrites. They can’t convince voters on ideas. No programs that make life better -- Republicans only take care of corporations and the rich. They only obstruct and promote fabrications: Trump secretly won; the Trump white supremacist insurrectionists trying to overthrow the Capitol were really Black Lives Matter; Jewish space lasers are threatening the U.S.; Bill Gates uses vaccines to inject secret tracking devices.

Certifiably crazy.

Republicans don’t play fair. They gerrymander; block voting; ban giving water to black voters they force to stand in line for hours while Republicans strip their voting opportunities.

Republicans are a minority for a reason. All Republicans have done for years is to prevent any action that might benefit Americans. And now, defy vaccinations, spread disease. Smart move.

Republicans gave away $1.9 trillion in tax cuts to the very rich and corporations under Trump – no deficit hawks then. None of us real folks benefited. Compare with Biden’s COVID relief act where we actually got help.

Over half of Republicans believe the Jan. 6 attack to overthrow the government was peaceful. Why give any credence to what they think or say? Why engage purposefully committed morons? The orange man is gone, finally, really.