To the editor — A lot of Americans think Congress is broken. Rep. Dan Newhouse is doing something to fix it.

For the last two years Rep. Newhouse has served on a little-known committee in Washington – the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress. Unlike most committees in Congress, it actually functioned as the Founders intended. They weren’t out to score political points. Rather, they worked together to fix some of the broken elements of Congress.

Their proposals, if implemented by the House of Representatives, will tangibly improve the House’s public policy process and enhance services to Americans. Their recommendations will strengthen Congress, allow constituents to have a greater voice in government spending, and help restore the proper balance of power between the executive and legislative branches of government.

In my years as president and CEO of the Congressional Management Foundation, rarely have I seen a group of legislators so astutely assess a public policy need, analyze the implications, and chart a course that benefits both the institution and the constituents it serves. Rep. Newhouse is to be congratulated on his great service to Congress, his constituents and the nation.


Congressional Management Foundation

Washington, D.C.