FILE — Oskar Zambrano holds a Mexican-American flag high while walking in the “Fighting for Dignity and Justice for All March” on Wednesday, May 1, 2019, on East Yakima Avenue in Yakima, Wash. Zambrano designed the flag himself, combining the Mexican and U.S. flag.

To the editor — In response to Sue Januscheitis's letter on racism ("Our nation has two layers of justice," June 20), my reply is simple: do not call me brown.

Your ignorance is shared by many because you can’t look at people as people. You use identity politics to define people as black or brown and then profess your outrage for their treatment. We are more than capable of defending ourselves. You are actually being condescending and we do not appreciate it.

I am a proud Mexican-American and people like you will never define me. Put your colors away and look inside people!