To the editor — As the vice principal of Wahluke High School, I have never been prouder of our community in doing whatever it takes to support the unique needs of each student.

After a year of disruptions to schools due to the pandemic, we have had to think creatively about how we can support all students so that they graduate high school on time. Fortunately, we have been able to participate in an OSPI pilot program with the support of the Center for High School Success, which uses data to identify ninth-graders at risk of not graduating and intervene early before it is too late. At Wahluke, this has meant one-on-ones tailored for a struggling ninth-grader, home visits, and family nights.

The partnership and dedication of each student have paid off -- Wahluke was able to achieve its highest passing rate of the past four years and celebrated 89.2% of our ninth-graders passing all their classes last year.

Right now, this program is just a pilot, but lawmakers have an opportunity to expand it with additional funding in the state budget. I urge them to approve this funding so that this data-driven program can be available to more communities across Washington.