To the editor — Farmworker Justice, a Washington DC pro-union group, in their letter to the editor (June 5) claims, “disproportionately high” fatalities and injuries and that dairy farmer treatment of workers is “illegal” and “unfair.” None of this true.

Dairy farmers, like other farmers, face a shortage of workers and place a high value on their employees, many of whom have been employed by the same family for 20 years and more. These valuable jobs enable our employees to support their families and send their children to college. Most of our dairies are members of a farmer-owned co-op whose members are accountable for promoting employee social welfare and a safe, positive work environment.

This DC group should talk to our employees rather than the United Farm Workers union. This union has been rejected by almost all farm workers in California. Their own employees formed a union in protest of treatment by union leaders. To extract money from employee paychecks they sue our farmers without justification and get the media to report false claims of abuse.