June 12 Pride

A Pride flag hangs among the American flag, Washington state flag and POW/MIA flag over Yakima City Hall on Friday, June 12, 2020 in Yakima, Wash. The Yakima City Council also voted 4-3 to allow a Pride flag to fly near City Hall for the month of June, which the council had previously proclaimed “Pride Month.” Voting in favor were Council members Eliana Macias, Holly Cousens, Soneya Lund, and Kay Funk. Voting against were Jason White, Patricia Byers, and Brad Hill.

To the editor — Just a simple request.

As I did my walk downtown today, I noticed the LGBT pride flag at our City Hall. The flag was attached to the same pole as our Stars and Stripes. I am sure that a segment from our city made this request for flying their flag on the same pole. I am making a request to remove it and hang it on a pole separate from our flag. I am making this request on behalf of my comrades who gave their lives for our freedoms. Their coffins were draped with the flag, this flag is sacred to me and to many others. The county has the POW/MIA flag on the same pole remembering the prisoners of war and the missing in action.