To the editor — Recently one writer said that according to the Washington Post, President Donald Trump lied 1,500 times. In the last three or four months, two letters I recall said over 12,000. How do they know? Are they doing their own score keeping?

I don’t know what big business does. In the business world maybe, Trump embellishes the truth. I don’t know. In the political world, Trump is an amateur. Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer and Nadler have about 100 years' head start.

One writer said the AR-13 had killed thousands. That is total fiction. They said assault weapons have been around for decades. That is also fiction. In the '20s crooks had the Thompson submachine. I don’t think they called it an assault weapon.

One writer said it made them sick to read Trump’s tweets. Problem solved. Don’t read them.

One said Trump was an adulterer. How does she know?

One wanted to know why Trump did not release tax returns. Answer: It's no one’s business. If you think so, then send me yours.

One lady said we are a democracy with socialism thrown in (Social Security, etc.). No, we are a Republic. I don’t think Marxist socialism reached Social Security.