To the editor — I encourage the 350 Yakima Climate Action group to use this time of less social interaction to engage in some real science reading on anthropogenic climate change. Look at the real impact of CO2. How much is human-produced? How much is natural? Even more important, what impact does the sun have? Volcanos? Ice? Water, including water vapor? Clouds? Gamma radiation? El Niño/La Niña? Milankovitch Cycles? Climate history?

I'd recommend a book like "Heaven and Earth" by Ian Plimer, an Australian geologist. He has 2,311 footnoted sources in 493 pages. There is a lot of objective, emphasize objective, information available if you can avoid the political opinions such as those of the IPCC, Kyoto Protocol and Paris Climate Accord.

I encourage you to act like a scientist. Formulate a hypothesis, design an experiment or look at others who have, test the hypothesis or look to those who have, measure results or look at actual data, evaluate the data in light of the hypothesis and revise the hypothesis as the data leads. Don't just accept the conclusions of others, including the news media. Remember, if something is stated repeatedly, it does not make it factual.