To the editor — The unvaccinated in our community have pulled us back into the pandemic. Not getting vaccinated is irrational and a serious moral failure.

By any analysis, Christ’s golden rule, Kant’s categorical imperative or Mills’ Utilitarianism, failure to get a vaccination is immoral. It puts not only the recalcitrant at risk, but also our entire community, by allowing the virus to have hosts to infect and mutate.

It is the moral equivalent of driving drunk. Frequently you can get home safely, but sooner or later, something bad will happen to another human being.

Locally, COVID hospitalizations are back to the levels seen during the worst of the pandemic. Ninety-six percent are those not vaccinated. The unvaccinated have helped create a variation that is more contagious. It may only be a matter of time before the virus mutates and becomes deadly to children.

Over 1 billion Pfizer vaccines have been administered and there are statistically no significant side effects. It offers strong protection from contracting the virus and nearly complete protection from serious illness. If everyone would get vaccinated, we would have an easily controllable problem.

Are my unvaccinated fellow citizens going to continue to muck around until our children and grandchildren start dying?