Stan Helmka of Yakima receives his first shot of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine from Annie Edwards, a labor and delivery nurse from Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital, during a vaccination event at Horizon Pharmacy in Wapato Saturday, Feb. 13, 2020. (Donald W. Meyers/Yakima Herald-Republic)

To the editor — My wife and I have been as proactive as we can while searching for COVID-19 vaccinations. But like so many others, we have had no luck. We qualify for the shots as we are both over 65. As usual, politics has wormed its way into the process. The teachers don't want to go back into the classrooms unless they're vaccinated. Farm worker organizations say they should be vaccinated. Rich donors to medical organizations have been vaccinated.

I read recently that $30 million is going to be spent to get vaccines to underserved communities in this state. I believe that anyone who qualifies for a vaccine and hasn't been able to get one yet can feel underserved.

We will continue to be patient and wait for an opportunity to get vaccinated. We will continue to stay home as much as we can, and to mask up when we have to go out. We will hope that we get our shots before they open up the next tier and we get trampled by another large group of people stampeding to vaccination sites. If you are in this boat, remember, you are not alone.