To the editor — Liberalism doesn't take prisoners, not even schoolkids and parents. Rome wasn't burned in a day, although Democrats and many weak-kneed, situational conservative Republicans give it their best in that direction. LGBTQ/sexual identity is delivered by government education but is, of course, spun as child liberation by self-anointed political bureaucrats, regardless of political affiliation and beginning with the kindergartner.

Sexual identity is a miseducation scheme spun by big media and even bigger government types who flex their muscle through propaganda and indoctrination. They pretend they can't tell the difference between a boy and a girl and then make it worse by requiring all others to not only submit to this lunatic worldview but to also pay for it.

Superintendents, school boards, politicians, and education bureaucrats masquerade as caring child saviors but commonly sell out students, the family, and the larger civil society. This effort is only the latest clear evidence of people whose "religion" is government control and destructive social experimentation. As with so many dangerous ideas on the left, this movement can't begin to stand on its own merits, so its character is necessarily authoritarian in that it forbids competing discourse and correction.